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  1. What do you offer at Shock Family, exactly?
  2. How is the download process once I make my selection?
  3. I'm having issues with the content I purchased, what should I do?
  4. I already made a purchase but now I want to upgrade it and get more content, do I need to pay all over again?
  5. Can I use your resources in my commercial projects?
  6. How long do I have to download the content after my purchase?
  7. I already made a payment for the stuff I was looking for, how do I download?
  8. I don't feel like downloading all this to my computer, do you send the content in physical format?
  9. Can I redistribute your products?
  10. How often do you add new content to the collection?
  11. How can I use your free products?
  12. What is it exactly I'm getting with your lifetime subscription?
  13. Do you offer custom design services?

What do you offer at Shock Family, exactly?

Anything that has to do with graphic design or web development. From Photoshop files to HTML and CSS code, WordPress themes and much more. Just take a look around, you'll see how massive the collection truly is.

How is the download process once I make my selection?

The sites themselves prompt you quite well when you do it, just follow the on-screen instructions and you should be OK. Our favorite payment methods are PayPal and Share-it.

I'm having issues with the content I purchased, what should I do?

Don't worry, just write us at help.shockfamily@gmail.com or by contact form in order to receive personalized support from our team.

I already made a purchase but now I want to upgrade it and get more content, do I need to pay all over again?

No. You can just pay the difference between the upgraded content and what you already received. In these cases, please write us at help.shockfamily@gmail.com or by contact form and we'll set everything up for you.

Can I use your resources in my commercial projects?

Of course, the license allows you to include all of your purchased designs in your clients' projects without worries. For specific redistribution such as marketplaces and stores, please contact us at help.shockfamily@gmail.com or by contact form.

How long do I have to download the content after my purchase?

Depending on the amount of content, you have about 3 - 6 months to download it. If you need more time or lost everything after a while, just write us to help.shockfamily@gmail.com or by contact form and we'll be happy to give you an extension, for free.

I already made a payment for the stuff I was looking for, how do I download?

Within the next hour, you will receive an email to the address you provided us in the form, indicating the download information. Make sure you check your spam folder, just in case.

I don't feel like downloading all this to my computer, do you send the content in physical format?

Yes! When going through the payment process, you can select whether you'd like us to send the content in DVD format or not, for a small fee. We ship to almost anywhere in the world, so don't worry about your location.

Can I redistribute your products?

It can be done through our affiliate program. If you want more information, please write us at help.shockfamily@gmail.com or by contact form where we'll be happy to let you know the details.

How often do you add new content to the collection?

Each week we are adding brand new themes, icons and design packs for you to enjoy throughout all of our websites.

How can I use your free products?

You are free to use them in personal, non-commercial projects. For full freedom in all of your creations, please purchase one of the bundles.

What is it exactly I'm getting with your lifetime subscription?

It gives you full access to all of the content we've previously made and everything we release in the future, for life!

Do you offer custom design services?

Yes! We can make things like the ones spread all over Shock Family, following your specific requests. Just write us at help.shockfamily@gmail.com or by contact form with an explanation of your project and we'll make a quotation for you.


Tons of graphic design sets, GUIs and templates. Some of the included sets are:

Logo Templates

This set (the biggest logo collection) contains 500 logo templates including 3D and 2D fully editable EPS files. It has adjustable sizes and resolutions; the layers are carefully ordered and the styles of the logos are realistic, minimal and flat. Also, you can find logo templates for all kinds of business, in basically every area of expertise.

Apollo GUI

Apollo is a gigantic GUI set with over a 1000 elements; it includes 5 fully editable PSD files with organised layers. It includes sliders, buttons, icons, scrollbars, video players, login forms widgets, social icons, dropdowns checkboxes, calendars, and newsletters. it also includes 200 icons in PNG and PSD formats, 10 patterns and 30 color variations.

Flat GUI

The Flat GUI is a spectacular set with more than 500 elements, 30 different color variations and 100 vector icons, comprised in totally editable files. It has adjustable sizes and resolutions and includes menus, buttons, search bars, video players, login forms, sliders and more, all in a compelling flat style.

Facebook Covers

This set contains 150 professional Facebook covers with sources in Photoshop, including not only the cover but a complementary profile pic. The PSD is perfectly organised, and all its elements have a pixel perfect design. It has all the appropriate layout sizes so there's no quality loss.

2000 Buttons

This editable PSD button pack with 2000 awesome buttons it is composed of 10 sets with more than 100 design styles and 7 color variations. The pack includes 3D and 2D versions, and they are perfectly resizable and customizable for every purpose.


The Vector Character set is a fully editable and single AI file with every shape made entirely with vectors, adjustable to any resolution and carefully ordered. It includes male and female characters with different shapes and expressions. It also includes 22 additional characters.


The iOS 7 GUI elements set is a redesign of the omnipresent iOS 7 interface from Apple. It has its icons flattened, without loosing its characteristic colorful style. It also includes interactions, changes in the lock screen, home screen, calendar, camera, keyboard, alerts and modals. It is completely editable, carefully organized vector PSD.

CV Templates

These CV templates have been created to allow designers showcase their work even before getting hired. They are designed to work both digitally and printed, coming in 20 different styles complemented with Google web fonts. All shapes are editable since they are made with pure vectors, and they are adjustable to any size and resolution.

Pricing Tables

This is a massive set of fully editable vector pricing tables templates and icons (in PSD format) that will definitely help you in your next project. The set has 50 different templates with multiple styles, like flat, realistic and minimal, all of them complemented with beautiful patterns and colors (20 variations in each template).

Mobile and Useful icons

More than 100.000 Mobile and Mini Set Icons.

Android Icons

This huge set of Android icons includes 42,926 icons with seven styles and three sizes, according to Android's guidelines. They are pixel perfect, high resolution, editable vector icons, which include several add-ons in different sets (General, Accounting, Bussiness, Database, Education, Graphics, Multimedia, Networking, Web Design, Comunications, Text, Mail.)

iPhone Icons

This is the biggest set of iPhone icons ever, including 43,700 icons, in all sizes and following iOS guidelines. They are pixel perfect icons which come in fully editable vector PSD. It includes the PNG images in various sizes so you can implement them right away. Several add-ons and industries are included, like General Business, Education, Multimedia, Web Design, Text, Mail and more.

Windows 8 Icons

This is another set with lots of icons for multiple purposes. The Windows 8 icon set has over 41,150 icons in different sizes. The set has editable files in PSD, pixel perfect design and it also includes PNG images for easy integration in websites, blogs or apps. The set included are General, Accounting, Bussiness, Database, Education, Graphics, Multimedia, Networking, Web Design.

Social Icons

The Social Icons are part of a complete social icon set available, with more than 150 social network icons in 9 sizes. The set has vector versions of every icon, a pixel perfect PSD for smaller sizes, 4 different color variations and more!

Credit Icons

Here is another complete credit card icon set with 457 payment and credit card icons, packed in this fantastic collection. It includes 9 sizes, pixel perfect icons for smaller sizes and vector for larger sizes. The source files are in AI and PSD.

Flat Icons

This is a set of softly colored yet vibrant icons, composed of more than 3,600 AI and PNG flat icons. It includes add-ons in PNG format of the icons in 3 sizes (64px, 128px and 256px) for easy website integration and editable vectors in AI format.

Icon Fonts

The biggest set of icon fonts ever with 1,121 fonts includes 3 vector-based formats and 4 fonts. Its vectors are fully editable, including all sizes included in PNG format 1286. The AI vector sources are included for bigger sizes.


( Html + Wp Templates )
ThemeShock offers fantastic premium wordpress themes and wordpress plugins plus the biggest design bundle you can imagine (including products from other websites of our shock family): 327 wordpress themes and growing, 1 million stock icons from iconshock, 1000's of design sets by designshock including logos, gui sets, print templates, html templates, psd templates, character and mascots sets and much, much more.
  • A growing bundle: 1 new theme added per week and 2 new design or icon packs added per week.
  • WP Theme generator: You can create unlimited and responsive wordpress themes using our online creator.
  • Fully responsive themes: All our themes are fully responsive (adaptable to any device, ipad, iphone, android), resize your browser to see the magic.
  • Multiple versions: HTML/CSS and WordPress version available per template.
  • Layout creator: Create custom layouts per page: add custom sliders and unlimited widget areas on a page by page basis.
  • Internationalized in: spanish, english, french, german, portuguese. Source files included, full documentation, unlimited clients/sites license.
  • Working contact form: A ready to use contact form, with captcha verification and full validation.
  • Full support: 8 years in market. full support in spanish and english. More than 100k customers.
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WP Theme Generator · Features

Build custom WordPress themes using premade templates and designs in only 5 minutes.

Add, change or combine design elements from our 1000+ pre-made items gallery

Add, change and combine any of the design elements of your base template, which includes menus, backgrounds, shades, dividers, icons, buttons, boxes, fonts, sliders, frames, colors, shines, patterns and textures, all with the help of a friendly and easy to use interface.

Fully functional shopping cart and WooComerce integration

WP Theme Generator offers you many useful and helpful features to boost your business up. We've developed a fully functional shopping cart which you can use along with the products' taxonomy. This functionality is implemented by default within the themes you create from now on, storing the records of all the elements you buy.

100% Responsive (Mobile and tablet ready)

Since WPThemeGenerator themes are fully responsive, you don't have to worry about your site looking weird on different screen resolutions; your site will work perfectly with any screen size, and the fewer the pixels on the screen, the fewer columns the theme will have. You can choose between responsive mode or fixed mode right in your dashboard.

You have more than 50 fonts to choose from

We have carefully chosen and included more than 50 fonts, completelly free for commercial and personal uses, ready to be implemented on any website. You will be able to change the fonts of your theme, as well as the colors and the sizes with only one click on both headings / titles, and normal texts.

Create unlimited layouts

You can create unlimited layouts with our layout creator, making as many widget areas or sidebars as you want, and adding to those areas all the containers you need (images, text, menus, galleries, contact forms, sliders, grid layouts, you name it.) This gives you the option to create countless layouts with multiple columns and rows.

Download both Wordpress and HTML/CSS theme versions

All the themes you create with our generator can be downloaded on both basic HTML/CSS and WordPress. This theme version for WordPress will include all features of our base framework, and they will be completely responsive.

Create a different layout for each page (if needed)

Although most of the times themes are thought as a whole with a static scheme in which only the content changes, we decided to give users the possibility to change their theme design for a different one in every page. This can be done from the framework that is installed in your WordPress Dashboard, in which you can set a different design style for each page.

Save your own themes, in order to edit or download them later

You can store the themes you have already created and save them in your online account, so they can be edited or downloaded in the future. Besides, themes will be saved in our gallery, where they can be set private or public (to be edited or used by other people). All themes are up to date and even though you download them later, they will still work, keeping their original design but improved functionality.

Upload your own designs and use them on your themes

Aren't 1000 pre-made elements enough? That's not a problem! you can upload your own menus, patterns, backgrounds and all the design elements you want. Those elements will be added to the Base Framework without losing any functionality; you can even save them to use them on your future themes, and allow other people to use them.

Start with a base of 300 themes

Once you become premium, you'll have access to our shock bundle. This is an amazing compilation of more than 30,000 Iconshock icons, 300 Themeshock exclusive themes and hundreds of designs from DesignShock, therefore, having all the resources you need to start new projects easily or boost the ones you are currently working on.

Up-to-date themes, all the time

When you create and upload a WordPress theme with our generator, you can download it, but if you previously saved a theme and then download it, it will be always updated so all your themes will be compatible with the latest WordPress version. You don't have to worry about WordPress versions, since we are the one who take care of it.

A powerful full-of-features framework

Even though you can edit your themes from our online tool, we have implemented a lighter framework that can be downloaded along with the themes to help you improve your themes from the Dashboard. Some of its main features are the Dynamic Widgets Areas Creator, the Logo Uploader and the Slider Customizer among many more.

Jquery Slider Shock

The most complete responsive jQuery / WordPress slider.
  • Complete Documentation: jQuery SliderShock has a very complete documentation into which you can find from how to set it up to more advance usage.
  • Add thumbnails on any of the four sides of the slider: You can easily add thumbnails on any of the sides of the slider ( top, bottom, left, right ) allowing users to navigate easily between slides.
  • Add videos from any of your favorite videos host: Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Hulu.
  • Several sliders in the same page: You can have as many sliders as you want in the a single page.
  • Mix videos and images inside the slider: Create a unique slider adding not only videos or only images, but they both between slides.
  • Add a background to the text captions inside the Slider: Add a flat color or a pattern based background the captions in the slides.
  • Several slides sources, even external ( Premium ): You can create an slider from each of the following sources: Custom Slides, Posts (WordPress), Custom Post Types (WP), Taxonomies (WP), External RSS, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Add captions to your slides.: You can add text or html based captions, including title and description, for WP, caption can also include author and date.
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Grid Layout Shock

The most complete responsive Wordpress grid layout plugin.
  • Complete Documentation: Documentation for Gridlayoutshock Plugin.
  • Show the grid wherever you need it: Thanks to the shortcode generated in the control panel, you can add it anywhere inside your pages, posts or widgets.
  • Select what you want to show: You can add excerpt text, image, content, title or menu caption fields in the WP environment.
  • Choose the number and limit of posts: Set up the limit of posts if you want to show them in a pagination slider. Choose the total number of posts that you want to show.
  • Choose the data sources or get external sources: Grid Layout Shock supports not only posts but also allows you to show galleries, portfolios, RSS Feeds, from your wordpress site.
  • Several grids in the same page: Each grid its rendered in its own shortcode You can have as many grids as you want in the a single page.
  • Compatible with RSS Feed: Just by including the RSS URL, you can show the RSS feeds of your preference.
  • Control the posts order: Is it going to be the oldest ones first or the newest ones first?. You can select what order you want your posts to be showed.
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Iconshock icons

Professional iconsets and stock icons - A million professional and realistic icons.

REAL VISTA General (1324 Icons)

The best way of enrich and be updated with your applications!!! In this collection you will find a full range of icons which design was based in the original Wi...

SUPER VISTA General (1370 Icons)

This Great stock is the most complete work we have done at the moment, we proudly present this glossy, realistic stock with rounded shelfs, looking like 3D obje...

Windows 7 General (1393 Icons)

The new Windows 7 icon set has been specially designed with the aim of keeping the visual richness and variety characteristic of the latest operating system Win 7.

BRILLIANT General (1317 Icons)

Brilliant is the perfect combination between business style icons and a colorful palette, ideal for enhancing the look and feel of your applications, games, websites and ...

Clean General (1370 Icons)

Our completely new and impressive style , combines smooth shades of grey, orange and blueish colors that make them look updated and fresh. These icons use the light in a ...

GOLDEN General (1347 Icons)

By looking at this set, you will find a complete list of icons that apply to successful business users. The most trustable and recognized companies will be satisfied for ...

SEVEN General (1370 Icons)

Introducing a completely fresh new style full of bright, vivid and vibrant colors that make each icon look like it is finished with real materials, as an example of this ...

Sophistique General (4100 Icons)

Front view icons set, not very detailed to make easier the use of small size icons. This way they don't loose its characteristics, sophistique is one of the cleanest ...

LUMINA General (1685 Icons)

Light on your website with this set of icons!!! Lumina is a 3d aspect stock with eye catching colors that provides your applications with one of the most be...